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Unsafe laser wrinkle removal

A face full of wrinkles can’t be made up in any way. If you want to go out with naked makeup, many female friends choose laser wrinkle removal surgery. Laser wrinkle removal is already a very common beauty project in the field of medical cosmetic wrinkle removal. Its remarkable and rapid effect is seen by people, and is pursued by many beauty lovers. However, is it safe to remove wrinkles with laser after or during the operation? Will there be any side effects? All these are of great concern to us.

Is laser wrinkle removal safe? Laser is relatively safe for removing shallow wrinkles

Laser can stimulate the skin. There is a substance called fibroblast, which can help the skin produce collagen and fill the sunken wrinkles. It is also a substance that keeps the skin smooth and tight. Therefore, it is particularly effective for shallow wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and lips, and laser wrinkle removal is relatively safe. However, if the wrinkles are too deep or deep, the laser can not help, because there is no collagen under the wrinkles, and there is no material to fill the dents after the laser.

The effect of laser on fine lines around eyes and mouth is good

The effect of laser wrinkle removal is relatively good because this method uses high-tech lasers to act on the skin to stimulate the proliferation of skin collagen, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal and rejuvenation. It is applicable to the situation without obvious skin relaxation and mild wrinkles, and has the best effect on the small wrinkles around the eyes or mouth with unsatisfactory surgical effect.

The safety of laser wrinkle removal itself is still very high, and its side effects are also less. The main reason for some side effects is the improper operation of doctors during the operation. Moreover, the patient’s care after operation is also an important guarantee for the effect and safety. In addition, women should pay attention to maintenance, eat more fruit, drink less, do not smoke, and do not stay up late.