How about the effect of laser spot mole

Moles not only beautify, but also disfigure. A big black mole appears on the small white and ruddy face, and always feels that it directly affects the beauty of the face. At present, there are many ways to remove moles. The common way to remove moles is to spot moles by laser. How about the effect of laser spot moles?

Laser Spot nevus is a skin beauty technology. The laser can burst huge energy in an instant. Laser Spot nevus uses the characteristics of the laser to make the laser act on the pigmented tissue, remove or destroy the tissue, so that the pigment is broken, decomposed, swallowed by macrophages, and discharged out of the body with the lymphatic circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the nevus. The time of Laser Spot nevus will not be too long. After the recovery of Laser Spot nevus and scab removal, the skin is a little red at first, but it will gradually return to normal skin color.

The recovery time of Laser Spot nevus is related to postoperative nursing and personal hygiene. Just after laser removal of nevus, there will be a scab in the local area, so attention should be paid to avoid local infection. Try not to touch water in the first two days. You can wash your face in the future, but wipe it immediately after washing. At the same time, pay attention to avoid the sun. Generally, the scab on the surface can fall off naturally after one week. Do not remove the scab by yourself, otherwise it is easy to leave scars.

Laser Spot nevus is the best choice, which can well prove whether the Spot nevus is good or not. Because the nevus has a clear classification in medicine, and very few nevus will become malignant, improper stimulation, such as burning and stimulation, can induce malignant transformation. Therefore, please choose a regular hospital carefully, and ask a plastic surgeon to check before Laser Spot nevus.

Moles can also be divided into many kinds. Some moles can not be touched. Therefore, professional doctors should also make a diagnosis for themselves before touching the moles. After comprehensively checking the size and location of the moles, determine the specific way to spot the moles. Don’t underestimate a small mole. There are also a lot of studies on the moles. Adopting scientific methods is the key to ensure the effect and safety.