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What are the advantages of laser eyebrow tattooing

The advantages of laser eyebrow tattooing have always been a topic of concern for beauty seekers. In fact, we all know that eyebrow tattooing can not only save time on makeup, but also improve the overall line of the face.

Eyebrows play a very important role in the face. If they are sparse, their temperament will be greatly reduced. So there are many beauty seekers who use laser eyebrow tattoos to improve their own, and the effect after surgery is also trusted by them.

Eyebrow tattoo is mainly an improvement on the eyebrow to make the eyebrow look more beautiful. The main way is to use a single needle on the eyebrow and then use some tools to assist in inserting some pigments into the eyebrow in a specific way. Of course, these pigments will not cause any damage to the human skin.

What are the advantages of laser eyebrow tattooing

  1. In terms of tools used, eyebrow tattooing is a 45 degree oblique angle formed by 12 or 16 young needles. More pigments are pricked into the skin like embroidery at one time. It is all manually controlled without electrical assistance.
  2. In the used colorants, cream colorants are used for eyebrow tattoos, which are sticky and easy to enter the subcutaneous skin with the needle, so they are easy to color.
  3. Tattoo time is short, so the pain is very small. The depth of the eyebrow tattoo needle entering the skin at a 45 degree angle is limited. Only 0.2-0.3cm is embroidered under the skin, so the wound is small. Moreover, it will not mix with the yellow pigment gene under the skin, so it will not change color.
  4. Eyebrow tattoo has more points each time, which is easy to cause the effect of softness and nature.
  5. But from the perspective of permanence, eyebrow tattooing will only last for two to three years. If you want to follow the trend to change your image, eyebrow tattooing is a wrong choice.

Laser eyebrow tattooing is a new type of eyebrow tattooing technology. Laser eyebrow tattooing is not simply adding color to the original eyebrow with dye, but through exquisite operation and artistic treatment. Laser eyebrow tattoo is applicable to those with sparse eyebrows, bald eyebrows, half eyebrows and asymmetric eyebrows. It can also change the original eyebrow shape. The effect of laser eyebrow tattoo is very good.