Development history of laser therapeutic instrument

Laser therapeutic instrument is to use our laser function for our medical treatment and treat various diseases. The development of laser has been comprehensively introduced into various fields in just a few decades. Since the first laser therapy came out, many laser therapeutic instruments have appeared in these decades.

History of laser development

Laser has been widely used in our medical, industrial and other fields. It came into being in the 1960s. When it came into being, it has received our human attention. In the last century, it was used in medical treatment by western countries and also brought into space. Since then, our laser has been developed in various fields, including health care and medical treatment, Anti-aging and other effects are also being found by us.

Moreover, laser has been affirmed by laser medical application associations all over the world. Low intensity laser therapy is known as “green therapy in the 21st century”. In 1960, the first ruby laser came out; In 1961, ruby retinal laser coagulation machine was used in Ophthalmology, and in 1963, laser surgery was used in tumors; In 1970, laser was used to treat hypertension and other medical diseases; In 1973, Aldi used laser instead of acupuncture to do experiments.

In 1975, the first laser acupuncture instrument was used to treat diseases in the meridians; In 1990, Russia took the laser energy introduction instrument into space as an important tool for astronauts to prevent and treat space diseases. In 1991, China first introduced the Russian low-intensity laser treatment technology for clinical treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; In 2004, the third generation semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument came out, which was approved by the State Food and drug administration, became a quasi brand medical device, and obtained three patents from the State Intellectual Property Office. Laser physiotherapy instruments are usually helium neon exciters of several milliwatts to tens of milliwatts. Due to many advantages of semiconductor laser, it will replace He Ne laser in laser physiotherapy.

Laser biological effect

Such as biological stimulation effect, photochemical effect, etc., and then these biological effects can be used for disease treatment and health care. These effects have certain laws, and the functional parameters of the instrument are selected and set according to these, so as to ensure the effect of treatment and health care. Patients with hypoxic-ischemic diseases should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time to ensure that the condition is controlled and improved. However, since the treatment and rehabilitation of such diseases require a long course of treatment, most patients can not be hospitalized for a long time, nor should they take drugs for a long time. After some patients’ condition is controlled and transferred to hospital, they often relapse after a period of time, so they need repeated treatment or even take drugs for the rest of their lives.

Now with the laser therapeutic instrument, patients can receive auxiliary treatment and long-term care at home, so as to consolidate and improve the curative effect, further alleviate the condition, promote rehabilitation, reduce medication, avoid the toxic and side effects of drugs, enhance immunity and prevent disease recurrence. If this instrument is used for nursing in case of symptoms, the deterioration of the disease can be controlled in time, the pathological process can be reversed, and the effect of self-healing can be obtained. Laser therapeutic instrument is a widely applicable health care method for the middle-aged and the elderly.

The middle-aged and elderly people in sub-health state can adjust blood lipid, blood glucose and blood pressure, restore normal physiological function, improve immune function, and thus prevent the occurrence of hypoxic-ischemic diseases; For the general middle-aged and elderly people, it has the effects of delaying aging, promoting digestion, strengthening physique, calming the mind and sleeping.

The research on the development history of laser therapeutic instrument is the above. Laser is widely used in our medical beauty. Laser freckle removal, laser beauty, etc. the laser therapeutic instrument is constantly upgraded.