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What are the advantages of laser pouch removing plastic surgery

Today, with the rapid pace of modern life, excessive eye use, staying up late and other phenomena lead to younger pouch. Generally, the methods of removing pouch are mainly divided into micro plastic removal and plastic surgery. The following article mainly introduces the advantages of laser pouch removal.

How eye bags are formed is generally caused by orbital fat hernia, weak orbital septal fascia, hypertrophy of orbicularis oculi muscle and eye skin relaxation. Laser eye bag removal mainly uses pulse light needle to treat mild fine wrinkles of lower eyelid, crow’s feet, reticular wrinkles and eye skin relaxation. While removing unsightly eye bags, small wrinkles around the eyes can also be well improved.

Advantages of laser pouch removal surgery:

It can effectively control the amount of bleeding. Because of the high temperature of the laser, scab and hemostasis are performed on the wound at the same time, basically no drop of blood will appear in the whole process of the operation.

The wound is small. As for hemostasis, when the conjunctival sac is cut by laser to remove the fat mass, the subcutaneous tissue invisible to the naked eye will produce eschar, which shortens the postoperative healing time.

The operation time is short. That is, the trouble of hemostasis in routine operation is avoided, and the surgical wound does not need to be sutured, so the operation time is greatly shortened.

The postoperative recovery period was short. Based on the complete hemostasis and minimally invasive area of the operation, there are few postoperative ecchymosis, and the patient does not need to be bandaged, which will not affect the normal life and work of the patient, and will be more easily accepted by the patient.

Effectively improve the fine wrinkles around the eyes. Because the laser machine is also equipped with a computer graphics generator, it can easily remove small wrinkles.

Laser pouch removal surgery may be accompanied by some complications, such as bilateral lower eyelid edema, which can be effectively improved by using ice pack cold compress.