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What is the price of beauty?

Women’s aging starts from the age of 20, but this process is gradually carried out. Therefore, the sooner women’s maintenance, the better. Early maintenance is called maintenance. If it’s late, it can only be said that maintenance. If you want to be beautiful, you must treat symptomatically, so that you can be naturally beautiful, perfect and beautiful for a long time! Ultrasonic scalpel is a very popular new beauty and plastic surgery trick recently. Then, what is the beauty price?


First of all, ultrasonic knife is not a knife, but an instrument. People use “knife” to express the wonder and rapidity of the result! Ultrasonic scalpel is a new project that the world’s royal nobility and stars will do, and will be broadcast by major mainstream media nationwide. Without surgery, bleeding, redness, swelling and pain, I can do it and go. Inadvertently, it tightens my sagging, wrinkled, relaxed and obese face, and gives you a V-shaped face with structure. It’s not a dream to be 10 years younger. Realize three-dimensional! Deal with loose, aging, sagging, dry and irritable skin, less water and wrinkled skin! One maintenance is equal to 10 years of beauty!

The ultrasonic scalpel ulthera extreme sound wave skin pulling needs one time. First, heat the deep fascia (SMAs) at 68-72 ℃. It is a non-invasive equipment with high temperature, deep depth and good lifting and tightening results at this stage. There is no recovery period. The results can be maintained for up or down a year. It can only be determined according to the skin condition and age.

How much does ultrasonic scalpel surgery cost?

Ultherapy extreme sonic skin lift uses focused ultrasound to spread thousands of extremely small and individual thermal coagulation nodes across SMAS layers at different depths, which is used to start the new collagen system of each layer, and then reach the role of lifting, shaping, tightening and wrinkle removal. The price reasons that endanger the wrinkle removal of ultrasonic knife are as follows:

  1. It has something to do with the beauty seeker’s own situation

First of all, we should clarify the wrinkle removal position and wrinkle depth of beauty. The total area, location and depth of different wrinkles require different kinetic energy, so the resources consumed are also different, so the price will be very different.

The intensity of wrinkles is a reason that endangers the price of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal. The key is to adjust according to the different level of wrinkles. The treatment process of some superficial eye lines is simple and the cost will be relatively low. However, there are many reasons to think about when treating some deep-seated wrinkles, and the price will be higher.

  1. It is related to hospital standards and expert level

The hospital environment is good, the equipment is advanced, the experts have deep working experience and rich experience, the results of beauty will be better, and the maintenance effort will be relatively long. The treatment of ultrasonic knife has higher requirements for doctors, and the actual operation can only be carried out according to the professional training of doctors. The professional cost of outstanding doctors is higher than that of ordinary doctors.

  1. Related to instrument use

In addition to the American version of ulthare ultrasonic knife, the ultrasonic knife instruments are also made in China and made in Korea. Although other versions of instruments follow the action principle of American ulthare ultrasonic knife, the change and maintenance of its kinetic energy can not be compared with the original American ultrasonic knife. Therefore, the maintenance effort of the action result of American original ultrasonic knife is far longer than that of other versions of ultrasonic knife.