Indication and effect of ultrasonic scalpel in removing pouch

Pouch removal is very necessary. It is a good way to remove pouch with ultrasonic knife. What kind of situation is suitable for removing pouch? What are the tips for pouch removal?

Pouch is common in the middle-aged and elderly people around the age of 40. It can occur in both men and women. It is one of the early manifestations of human aging. Adults, especially women, will produce bags under the eyes between the ages of 25 and 30. This is mostly the result of fat accumulation. The effective way to remove the pouch is to remove it through surgery.

Tips for removing pouch with ultrasonic knife

  1. No matter whether you have done ultrasonic scalpel or not, it is helpful to avoid drinking water before going to bed and staying up late to remove eye bags.
  2. Although the effect of removing bags under the eyes with ultrasonic scalpel is theoretically reliable, the effect can not be greatly reflected when the ultrasonic scalpel is just finished.
  3. The price of one-time ultrasonic scalpel is expensive, and the cost performance of using ultrasonic scalpel to remove eye bags is low.
  4. There are three medical and aesthetic methods that can effectively remove eye bags: hyaluronic acid filling, autologous fat filling and artificial leather filling, which can be selected according to their own conditions.

What conditions are eye bags suitable for

  1. Lower eyelid skin relaxation type: it is mainly characterized by lower eyelid skin relaxation and wrinkles, orbital septum fat is not prominent, sometimes it shrinks and shows a slight depression.
  2. Lower eyelid orbicularis oculi muscle hypertrophy (pseudopouch): it is caused by lower eyelid orbicularis oculi muscle hypertrophy, which is mostly related to family inheritance.
  3. Fat protrusion of orbital septum: caused by orbital septum bulging, which is a typical pouch. No lower eyelid skin relaxation and skin wrinkles
  4. Mixed type: it is a mixed manifestation of types 1 and 3, mainly manifested as orbital septal fat bulge, accompanied by varying degrees of lower eyelid skin relaxation and skin wrinkles.

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