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Does ultrasonic knife beauty have side effects?

At a certain age, the wrinkles on the face will climb out of the face. For women who excessively pursue perfection, there is no room for any defect on the face. Therefore, many friends improve facial wrinkles through medical beauty technology. So, does ultrasonic knife beauty have side effects?

What is the charging standard of ultrasonic knife

1、 The beauty expenses of ultrasonic knife are affected by personal conditions

The skin quality of different beauty seekers is different, and the aging degree and wrinkle area of the skin are also different, which makes the area and time of ultrasonic scalpel beauty different, and the demand for energy is also different. The ultrasonic scalpel has three therapeutic probes of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5m. One or more therapeutic probes are selected for targeted treatment according to different skin conditions of beauty seekers. Different probes require different consumables and energy, the cost is different, and the beauty price of ultrasonic scalpel is naturally different.

2、 Ultrasonic scalpel cosmetology is affected by the choice of instruments

3、 The cost of super body knife cosmetology is affected by the hospital level

Different plastic and cosmetic hospitals have different grades and different medical levels. There are also great differences in the qualifications and experience of experts in charge of ultrasonic knife beauty. Not all experts can do it according to the skin conditions of beauty seekers. Therefore, the effects of ultrasonic knife beauty by different experts will be different, The charging standards will naturally be different.

Does ultrasonic knife beauty have side effects

Ultrasound knife beauty has no side effects. Ultrasound knife beauty is just a simple non-invasive skin beautifying project. Comparing ultrasound to a knife, it generally points directly at the depths of the skin and directly acts on the SMAS layer of the skin. The effect is completely comparable to the effect of surgical skin pulling. The non-invasive beauty does not need surgery, so it will not cause trauma and side effects. The price of ultrasonic knife is mostly about 30000 ~ 40000 yuan, basically without much change. The more important factor affecting the price of ultrasonic scalpels in various hospitals is the activity discount. For example, when some hospitals hold birthday celebrations or special activities, there will be some discounts or recharge concessions. At this time, it is more cost-effective to choose this kind of large project treatment. There are also doctors’ treatment technology. Doctors in various hospitals have different working hours and clinical experience. Experienced doctors can bring better treatment results, so the charges are also different. Not only the prices of different hospitals are different, but the prices of ordinary doctors and doctors are also different.

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