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Does ultrasonic knife beauty meeting hurt

Each of us has a love of beauty. No matter women or men, we all want to show our charm. Everyone has the heart to love beauty. Every woman wants to have a beautiful face. Then the face is the most intuitive reflection of a person’s face value and beautiful human body part. Therefore, everyone wants their face to be smooth, elastic, blow and broken, as delicate as a baby and as beautiful as heaven. However, with the growth of age, the loss of facial collagen, the aging of facial skin step by step, our skin began to relax, and the appearance of canthus and legal lines made every beautiful woman lose confidence.

Ultrasonic knife lifting method

Ultrasonic scalpel, fully known as “ultrasonic cutting hemostatic scalpel“, is a new surgical equipment used in clinical surgery in the late 1980s. The scientific name of “ultrasonic knife” is high intensity focused ultrasound, which is usually referred to as HIFU in academic circles. We may not be unfamiliar with the application of ultrasound in the medical field. For example, many domestic hospitals are equipped with B-ultrasound. B-ultrasound is a kind of diagnostic equipment, which uses low-intensity ultrasound. HIFU is a kind of treatment equipment, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound. HIFU is expected to replace the scalpel in some cases and kill tumor cells without surgery, which is probably one of the reasons why some people call it “ultrasonic scalpel”.

Will micro plastic surgery have sequelae

Injection of Anti Wrinkle leptin: stiff face and asymmetric contour of left and right faces. Botox injection can remove static lines and has a good “fine-tuning” effect on contour problems such as masseter muscle. Botox mainly acts on muscles, so it may cause postoperative facial stiffness, limited expression and asymmetric facial contours on the left and right sides.

Hyaluronic acid filling: skin swelling and itching. Nasal augmentation by injecting hyaluronic acid is a very common micro finishing operation. Because hyaluronic acid itself exists in human skin and connective tissue, the safety factor of this micro finishing operation is high. However, the quality level of injectable hyaluronic acid filling ingredients sold on the market is uneven, which is easy to cause skin itching, swelling and other rejection reactions.

Preoperative precautions for ultrasonic scalpel

  1. Keep your skin clean before treatment. Any cosmetics and skin care products need to be clean.
  2. In order to prevent bleeding and swelling at the injection site, do not take anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin within a week before treatment.
  3. If there is inflammation in the injection area, it can be injected only after the inflammation is cured.

Postoperative precautions for ultrasonic scalpel

  1. During treatment, eat less spicy and stimulating food and do not drink drinks with strong pigment.
  2. Avoid sunlight, computer radiation, and do not apply irritating cosmetics.
  3. Do not touch water for 12 hours, and avoid sauna during the course of treatment.

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