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Is the effect of removing pouch with ultrasonic knife good

Generally, if we stay up late, there will be dark circles and bags under the eyes. For bags under the eyes, we should do a good job in response and improve them in time. Now for pouch, we can improve it through surgical methods. The ultrasonic knife for removing eye bags has always been recognized by everyone and has brought gospel to countless beauty lovers. So, how about the effect of ultrasonic knife to remove eye bags?

Is the effect of removing pouch with ultrasonic knife good

From the theory of lifting facial lines with ultrasonic scalpel, ultrasonic scalpel has a certain effect of removing eye bags. Because the pouch is gradually formed due to cell aging and poor internal circulation, the replacement of old cells with new cells after ultrasonic scalpel can improve the problem of loose and sagging pouch to a certain extent. It should be noted that because the effect of the ultrasonic knife just finished can only reflect 20% – 30%, the effect of removing bags under the eyes of the ultrasonic knife is not obvious when the ultrasonic knife just finished

Under normal circumstances, the pouch may become less obvious within 3-6 months after the beauty seeker completes the ultrasonic knife. This is the effect of lifting facial lines and promoting cell metabolism after the ultrasonic knife.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic knife to remove pouch

First, the ultrasonic knife does not need to be operated. Ultrasonic scalpel has strong penetration and pertinence by using ultrasonic energy. It can effectively treat pouch problems caused by fat accumulation and muscle hypertrophy. After treatment, there will be no scar, no incision, and the treatment process is comfortable and painless.

Secondly, ultrasound is safe and has no side effects. Compared with other physical or chemical treatment methods, the medical version of ultrasonic knife has no side effects, obvious effect and immediate effect.

Finally, it is not easy to relapse. It is precisely because the ultrasonic knife has strong pertinence and penetration, it can pass through the skin directly to fat and muscle, avoid nerves and important fibrous tissues, treat thoroughly and is not easy to relapse.

What matters should we pay attention to after pouch removal

1、 Pay attention to rest. After pouch removal surgery, you need to give your eyes a full rest. At the same time, you can’t use your eyes too much, so as to ensure effective sleep time at night and recover faster.

2、 Eat more nutritious food. Rich and nutritious fruits and vegetables can effectively promote wound healing and speed up recovery. Therefore, you must eat more nutritious food after pouch surgery.

3、 Cold and hot compress to remove edema. After pouch removal, there will be congestion and edema in the eyes. The operator should apply cold compress on the second day and hot compress on the third day, which can reduce the degree of swelling and help reduce swelling. Some people will have ectropion after pouch removal, which will generally recover within 1-2 weeks.

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