What effect does ultrasonic knife beauty have? Will it age faster?

  1. The cosmetic effect of ultrasonic scalpel mainly includes improving sagging tissue, smoothing wrinkles and tightening shaping. Ultrasonic scalpel is a beauty instrument that can alleviate wrinkles and restore the face to youth. After the operation, you can obviously feel that the skin has become firm, continuously stimulate collagen for 3-6 months, continuously regenerate, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin smoother and smoother.
  2. Follow the doctor’s advice in the post-treatment of ultrasonic scalpel. The generation of acme-te-a, a special cellular nutrition for ultrasonic scalpel, should be taken orally, and the consolidation should be strengthened regularly, so as to really keep young for a long time and the effect can last for 5-10 years.
  3. However, babies should pay attention not to take collagen before and after ultrasonic scalpel surgery, because the ultrasonic scalpel itself stimulates collagen regeneration in the body. If they take it again at this time, it will cause excess collagen to accumulate under the skin, causing various adverse reactions to the facial skin after ultrasonic scalpel.

Many beauty lovers who have done ultrasonic scalpels have great doubts that expensive ultrasonic scalpels will grow old quickly after they are finished. Is it difficult to spend white money in vain? So do you know what factors restrict the embodiment of the effect of ultrasonic knife?

  1. This problem is mainly based on your own choice. The premise is to go to formal institutions and do a good job of nursing, because ultrasonic knife beauty is a two-way combination of internal and external beauty process. After ultrasonic scalpel, autologous repair will determine the result in the next few months, and will not age faster.
  2. The ultrasonic scalpel penetrates and destroys the epidermis, dermal cells, subcutaneous tissue and fascia layer in turn to initiate self repair. However, if the generation of acme-te-a in vivo repair nutrition is too late, it will certainly affect the effect. Therefore, the cosmetic effect of ultrasonic scalpel comes from the postoperative repair process.
  3. The cosmetic process of ultrasonic scalpel is the beginning of a cell regeneration process. The quality and quantity of new cells within 3 months determine the later effect of ultrasonic scalpel. Therefore, the nutritional balance of continuous supply within 6 months determines the continuation of the effectiveness of ultrasonic scalpel in the next few years. Experienced doctors suggest that beauty lovers supplement acme-te-a before and after the ultrasonic knife to generate special nutrition, improve their repair function and complete the regeneration of new bracts.

The nutrition of the body is like the root of a big tree, and then prune the branches and leaves. If the foundation does not have the nutrition and water, it will not flourish in the coming year ~ then ultrasonic knife beauty is no exception~

  1. If you are seriously lack of nutrition, there will be failure of skin cell regeneration and atrophic injury, which is the risk of micro plastic surgery. It is also the concern of medical doctors.
  2. At present, experienced doctors strongly recommend that a large amount of acme-te-a must be taken orally before and after the ultrasonic knife to prevent the side effects of the ultrasonic knife. Some hospitals and researchers have also passed a large number of clinical verification and confirmed that the correct combination of internal and external beauty of the ultrasonic knife can be reliable, safe and lasting.

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