Selection of ultrasonic knife?

  1. For the ultrasonic knife project, there are mainly two categories of machines: American version and Korean version. There are also many fake machines, mixed with good and bad people. The ultrasonic knife still needs to go to formal institutions.

Like the martial arts of beating cattle in the air, the ultrasonic knife acts on the deep fascia layer through the epidermis. If the equipment is unqualified and the energy distance is not within the precise range, it will hit your muscle layer or only the dermis, and you will feel it on your face, but the epidermis is is safe. The consequences can be light or heavy. A little light may have no effect. What’s more, skin burns, nerve damage, permanent collapse and stiffness of the face. Each result is not fun!

  1. Because the ultrasonic scalpel has a deep level of function, the operating doctor should first be particularly skilled and experienced, and be able to judge the specific situation of each person’s face; Where to fight, not where to fight; Where shallow, where deep.

Before the ultrasonic knife is made, it is necessary to locate the marking line, set the action point of the ultrasonic knife, and then start playing according to the design. Inexperienced, proficient, and anatomically unskilled. If you hit hard where you shouldn’t, of course your face will collapse! The place that should be hit is not operated in the correct way, so the effect of persistence will be very short, which is why many places recommend playing once every few months. What exactly is an ultrasonic knife? Do you think it’s a good way to make it beautiful

How often do ultrasonic scalpels do it?

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is to make its fascia layer renew and grow collagen to improve. Some people do it once a year, but sister orange said here that it is also a traumatic thing. Although it can’t be seen on the surface, one part has been injured and repaired for a long time, which is likely to produce physiological degradation over time. In other words, the effect after 10 times of ultrasonic knife is decreasing with the effect of your first ultrasonic knife.

In 2011, the International Institute on aging published the theory of medical beauty and cell on the medical beauty of slowing down aging. Although the aging of human body is irreversible. However, acmet-a cell technology brings unlimited possibilities for each injury and regeneration. Whether it is medical beauty injury or natural aging. Positive response and sufficient energy can make every cell look new. Any failure of cell metabolism will bury a series of hidden dangers for our body, such as sequencing, structure, disorder and disease. Therefore, the fate of cells is closely related to the fate of human body.

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