3d hifu machine

How does it really feel to be a vaginal HIFU machine.

It’s impossible to prevent. Now there are many fake beauty products on the market. What’s the real feeling after making an ultrasonic knife? Is the American version of vague HIFU machine better than the Korean version? What effect can genuine American ultrasonic knife achieve once? What’s the real feeling after doing ultrasonic knife? Who is to blame for the side effects of doing ultrasonic knife beauty? How to repair and avoid the precautions after ultrasonic scalpel operation?

In fact, the first one to appear is the American version of vague HIFU machine, which can be said to be an old genuine brand. In addition, there are British HIFU and Korean ultrasonic knife. Although they all have the same name of ultrasonic knife, they are also divided into Zhonghua and Colgate just like toothpaste. Different brands have different values, which is why many people should recognize the American version when making ultrasonic knives, because the research and development is early, the audience is wide and the effect is good.

The truly beautiful ulthera ultrasonic knife, once lifted, can achieve the effect of surgical skin pulling and improve your loose skin. The original unclear outline becomes three-dimensional and clean, and the bloated old people’s flesh on your cheeks disappears. Once you sweep away the tired and lazy old age, you regain your youth, and the effect can last for about 3 years.

This is a special reminder for female friends who are preparing to be ultrasonic scalpels. Before doing ultrasonic scalpels, they must do their homework well and choose regular ultrasonic scalpel instruments (American ultrasonic scalpels are the only genuine), professional hospitals and experienced doctors. Ultrasonic scalpel belongs to medical beauty project. Just as there is no absolute 100% in medicine, individual difference is the key problem that can not be ignored in all medical (medical beauty) projects. Even selecting the best ultrasonic scalpel equipment, the most professional doctors and the most rigorous plastic process can not guarantee the success of the ultrasonic scalpel.

Among the key factors affecting the effect of ultrasonic knife, the most important point is:

Individual constitution (plumpness difference of dermal collagen fiber network between individuals in dermis)

Ultrasonic scalpel is an incomplete ultrasonic scalpel without preoperative supplement and postoperative repair. Although ultrasonic knife beauty is a relatively safe and simple micro plastic beauty, and non-invasive surgery has no risk of infection, once there are side effects, the situation is also extremely serious. The purpose of our ultrasonic scalpel beauty is to have a good result. Once there are side effects caused by the lack of multi-stage kinetic peptides, it is a real waste of money.

What’s the real feeling after doing ultrasonic scalpel? The possible side effects of ultrasonic scalpel beauty are as follows:

1、 Redness, swelling and blistering. In this case, the doctor’s technique is generally not proficient, the probe of the ultrasonic knife stays in a local position for a long time, and the skin bubbles, redness and swelling are caused by the high temperature for a long time.

2、 II. Dryness, dullness, spots, etc; This phenomenon is caused by the destruction of the cuticle and collagen fiber layer of the skin during the operation, resulting in the poor water locking ability of the skin. At the same time, the local high temperature will volatilize the water, resulting in dryness, dark yellow, spots and other phenomena.

3、 Collapse, unevenness and cortical necrosis: there are two possibilities for this phenomenon: one is the problem of instrument and technology, and the other is the lack of nutrition for cell regeneration from the body and collagen regeneration. Before and after operation, a multi-stage kinetic peptide of fine science was not supplemented in time, resulting in uncontrolled postoperative repair and collapse and unevenness, Severe causes cortical necrosis. Therefore, we should not put the cart before the horse and pay attention to the results of oral administration.

4、 No effect: the ultrasonic knife is not effective immediately. The effect will come out slowly in 3-6 months. But if you don’t have enough collagen in your body, the regeneration rate of new cells is not high, and the effect is not good. Oral administration is important. Preoperative is more important than postoperative! It is important to choose a professional collagen.

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