3d hifu machine

What’s the real feeling after doing ultrasonic knife? What are the beauty precautions of Lipo HIFU machine?

Choose regular medical institutions and good doctors.

Use the instrument to clean the skin first, so as not to prevent dirt from blocking the penetration of ultrasonic wave.

The medium should be sticky, which can ensure the intimate integration of the ultrasonic knife and the skin.

The physiotherapy period should not exceed 20 minutes. Excessive use will cause skin fatigue and non absorption.

The heat gain of the probe does not represent the power output;

The probe shall not be close to the eyes. It is forbidden for pregnant women and patients with new dirty diseases

One month before the ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery, pay attention to oral administration of Yanyi Jingke multi-stage kinetic peptide to supplement collagen for the skin.

6 months after ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery, pay attention to strengthen postoperative skin conditioning and continuously supplement the intake of multi-stage kinetic peptide of Yanyi Jingke, which can effectively prolong the postoperative effect. Long term consumption of multi-stage kinetic peptide can bring all-round transformation to the skin.

Ordinary collagen can not repair before and after operation. Poor collagen will delay the best repair period and cause permanent regret.

How does it really feel to be a lipo HIFU machine. Why pay so much attention to preoperative multi-stage kinetic peptide supplement?

The scientific principle of Lipo HIFU machine is to stimulate the release of collagen in the dermis, so as to produce lifting, elastic and tightening effects. How much collagen can be activated depends on how much collagen is contained in your dermal collagen fiber net, which is professionally called the fullness of dermal collagen fiber net. For a simple example, if the collagen fiber net in your dermis is in a dry state and there are only 100 collagen bases, then 99% of the collagen in the collagen fiber net can be activated through the activation of the ultrasonic knife project, and only 99 collagen proteins can be activated. If your collagen fiber net is full and contains 10000 collagen base, even if the ultrasonic knife project can only activate 50%, there are 5000 activated collagen! Then the result is obvious. The effects of 5000 and 99 releases must be very different. Therefore, this is the truth of the same ultrasonic knife with such a wide gap in effect!

Before and after ultrasonic scalpel operation, a large number of oral multi-stage kinetic peptides are required, which can effectively supplement a large amount of collagen for the skin. Only when the collagen filled during operation can stimulate the production of more collagen and play a multiplier effect. Filling the collagen content in the body before operation can improve the skin in the best state for making an ultrasonic knife. With more collagen content in the body, the ultrasonic knife will stimulate more collagen, and the beauty effect is the most ideal.

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