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What kind of people are ultrasonic scalpels suitable for?

Generally speaking, people with obvious effect after ultrasonic scalpel surgery are over 30 years old, and their skin has wrinkles, aging, relaxation and sagging. Young friends, if they have a tight contour and do not change much after completion, can spend their time and energy on other projects or invest in skin care products suitable for themselves.

Remember that a judgment standard is to determine whether it is suitable to be an ultrasound knife. The main standard is to see whether your face has the problem of relaxation and sagging. This sagging is more due to the natural sagging caused by aging than the sagging caused by fat accumulation. If it is fat accumulation, controlling weight is more effective than ultrasound knife.

In addition, people who are too old (more than 70) need to reshape the bone support structure, and the effect of ultrasonic knife is limited. Making ultrasonic knife for this type of people is basically tantamount to painting the snake.

The effect of ultrasonic knife?

According to cre who clinical data, when the skin is stimulated from outside to inside by beauty ultrasonic knife, beauty equipment and other lasers and lasers, it is necessary to start acmet-a cell technology to repair the outer layer of the skin to the inside of the skin quickly and intensively. In clinical verification, 1268 patients had wrinkles, looseness and sagging, large pores, and skin light sensitivity changed to varying degrees after beauty ultrasound knife, of which 987 cases were effective, the maintenance time of ultrasound knife doubled, 161 cases were useful, the effect of ultrasound knife was obvious, and there was no bad phenomenon after ultrasound knife. There were no ineffective cases. What exactly is an ultrasonic knife? Do you think it’s a good way to make it beautiful

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