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Do you think this way of becoming beautiful is good? Ultrasonic knife is a new favorite of beauty lovers in recent years.

Ultrasonic scalpel, English is high intensity focused ultrasound. From its name, it can be seen that the treatment source of ultrasonic scalpel is ultrasound. The principle is to use the thermal effect up to 65 ~ 70 ℃ combined with subcutaneous acmet-a to intervene and reverse aging genes, promote collagen regeneration and contraction, and achieve the effect of tightening and improving. Intuitively, it means “barbecue”. The meat shrinks after heating. In fact, it means the same.

So, the question is, is it reliable to heat the skin like “barbecue”?

The heating method of ultrasonic scalpel is not like heating in pieces like barbecue, but acts on the subcutaneous to produce “hot freezing points” one by one, causing slight subcutaneous damage and promoting collagen proliferation, degeneration and contraction.

The ultrasonic knife damages the skin like barbecue, which is actually the principle of ultrasonic knife – “callus reaction”. It’s just like if your finger is cut and bleeding by a knife, you’ll heal yourself. Simply put, it is to destroy the collagen fibers under the skin first, and then become firm by the skin’s own repair ability.

In other words, there are three problems to be faced after cosmetic ultrasound knife surgery:

  1. During the whole operation, the high temperature of 65 ~ 70 ℃ will destroy the hyaluronic acid moisturizing barrier of the skin. The skin loses its moisturizing ability. How can evaporation and subcutaneous moisture be restored?
  2. Can the damaged skin tissue burned during operation grow healthily one by one? (because the damaged tissue cannot recover within a certain period, it may apoptosis, which is one of the reasons we often see face collapse after ultrasonic scalpel surgery)
  3. Can physical conditions ensure that new skin tissue grows without abnormalities and defects?

However, have you ever thought about it? At present, most people who do ultrasonic scalpels are over 30 years old. The older they are, the less skin regeneration function and acmet-a nutrition are, so that they can not adapt to and solve the changes in their body after operation. The recipient has different degrees of sebum atrophy, increased relaxation and local depression, and the skin with shallow symptoms enters a state of dryness, allergy and imbalance. The older the age, the more difficult the rehabilitation after ultrasonic scalpel and the more side effects.

Genetic biology – Rui granula confirmed that after the age of 25, the new cells regenerated by each division of the human body are weaker than the previous generation, that is to say, the skin of our metabolism is going downhill every time.

In fact, being an ultrasonic knife is only an aid. What really matters is that your own repair function is working. According to the data of who, the repair of damage to any human system is inseparable from the repair of cell repair elements. Cells are the basic units of life activities. All metabolic activities are based on cells. All life activities are based on cells. No matter digestion or absorption, they are inseparable from cells. Acmet-a technology is the basis of cell life activities. It takes 23 cell energies as the driving force to improve the regulation and repair.

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